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About Us

MERP is a cloud based software solution which has been developed by Mambourin Enterprise Incorporated to enhance the financial and operational management of, and drive better quality outcomes for, people supported by disability service providers and Australian Disability Enterprises.

Mambourin commenced development of MERP in late 2009 after terminating a project to implement a traditional ERP software solution when it became apparent that the proposed ERP solution would not meet our real needs. The proposed ERP solution was focused on the numbers whereas what we wanted was something that reflected our philosophy and reason for being, that is a system that has as its core focus the people we support.

This rethink of our basic requirements has resulted in a unique and highly effective solution that has been built specifically to meet the day to day operational and financial needs of service providers. Using a central integration roster to capture in one place the key daily record keeping data MERP then integrates this information with off the shelf payroll and accounting systems thereby keeping costs low and implementation quick and relatively simple compared to the processes required to set up a traditional system based on ERP and/or CRM technology. MERP also includes a Patented outcomes measurement and reflections window process which facilities the quick and easy capture of client focused information thereby generating real outcomes data that can be charted or aggregated to meet the needs of different quality standards whilst being able to be fully tailored to the needs of each individual person being supported.

Based on an industry standard database and web interface, MERP:

  1. Provides a single point of data entry, reducing time and errors and creating a single point of truth.
  2. Utilises secure windows based log in to manage staff access to different levels of information across the system thus ensuring that the right people have access to the right information. Access is available wherever the internet can be reached.
  3. Integrates with industry standard accounting and payroll software packages to ensure low implementation cost as well as facilitating ready future updates to accommodate changes in accounting standards as well as employment awards and conditions.
  4. Provides a flexible rostering system to provide organisation wide transparency of service delivery and to ensure day to day record keeping is automated. Roster capability includes staff, clients, rooms, activities, buses and external resources.
  5. Automates the payroll time sheets to allow detailed costing of labour costs to each individual activity / individual service recipient. This greatly reduces payroll processing costs, whilst providing the ability to cost service delivery with great accuracy.
  6. Allows for individualised and detailed client goals and objectives to be created, managed, and attached to a wide range of client services. Client goals and objectives are linked to the new service standards and life areas.
    Tracks achievement of individualised client goals and objectives each time services are delivered using the MERP “Reflections Window”.
    Tracks level of support provided to clients in achieving their individualised goals and objectives using the MERP “Reflections Window”.
    Tracks client apparent engagement and enjoyment during the service delivery using the MERP “Reflections Window”.
  7. Produces extensive reporting at the individual activity / service recipient, site or organisation wide level. Allows drill through to the individual goal and objective or to the specific activity.
    The People We Support summary report provides a comprehensive overview of the services delivered, funding and outcomes at an individual person level.
  8. Including automated alerts and reminders.
  9. Allows for automated month end reporting at the board, organisation, cost centre, account, activity and individual client level.
  10. Incorporates extensive client record keeping and case notes capability including: client photo, information on billing address, residential address(es), contact details, alternative contact details, contact information on the individual’s circle of community supports, medical information, GP information, medication.
    All records can be managed and tracked and are automatically backed up to ensure data security.
    Case notes also allow for the attachment of incident reports as well as additional documents, files or images.
    Case notes can be created from within the client information section of MERP or from the “Reflections Window”.
    All case notes elements can be readily searched using free text and category search criteria.
  11. Facilitates easy tracking of client funding and services provided in both dollars and hours. MERP allows the allocation of funding and the true costs of providing services to be allocated at an individual activity/service recipient level.
  12. Provides for online incident reporting with automated emails of incident reports to key operational staff. Incident reports can also be linked to individual client case notes and are therefore readily searchable.