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True multidimensional external reporting module provided. Includes standard board reporting with capability for management to drill through to individual cost centres, financial accounts, program activities, individual clients and each individual transaction.

Create a Profit and Loss reports on an individual client level using either from the standard reports available in the accounting system or the external reporting module.

Multiple funding streams and service delivery are all allocated to the individual client level through integration of data kept in merp and the accounting system.

Automatically create client invoices based on rostered services delivered.

Costs centres and their rosters can be set up for multiple service types and locations with staff and clients allocated to multiple cost centres with all labour costs, sundry expenses and travel charges automatically allocated to the correct cost centre, account, activity and client.

Cost agency staff to service recipients.

The automated integration of the roster, payroll and accounting system allocates actual labour costs to program activities and individual clients.

MERP benefits